Been sailin’ in Podgorica since (11. 01.) 1972.

During the early nineties he was a member of the local punk band <Kojoti> which took part in the montenegrin guitar festival in 1992.

The creator and host of the popular show <Deep Massage> (1997-2001) on radio Free Montenegro which featured weekly new releases and mixes from a variety of genres, from house and techno to drumnbass.

Hes been around since the audience consisted of just a few dedicated people. Proud veteran of the early Montenegro DJ scene, together with four colleagues: Be Good, Mr. Montech, Cule, Vlado Markovic he is a member of the DJ organisation < Beat At Joes >.

GileRZ, with the rest of BAJ crew, was heavily involved with the Three Friday Parties, the greatest party franchise in his town that lasted long enough for GileRZ to take his DJing to even higher level.

He`s been a part of almost all the chief events in Montenegro, alongside such artists as Kenny Hawkes, Blake Baxter, Derrick Carter, Ian Pooley, Funk D’Void, Terry Lee Brown Jr, Terry Francis, Dixon, Manuel Tur, Luke Solomon, Silicone Soul, Master H, Greg Parker, Lukas Greenberg, Sharam (Deep Dish), Marshal Jefferrson, Dan Ghenacia, George Fitzgerald, Zenker Brothers, Art Of Tones, Disclosure – to name just a few.

Over the years GileRZ played biggest festivals in Montenegro: Three Friday Parties, Southern Soul, Very Nice Parties, Electronic Beats, Refresh and Sea Dance Festival

GileRz is known for his uncompromising music choice, and his influences paired up with a precise mixing skill are what gives integrity to his DJ personality. His behind-the-decks treatment varies from deep-house sound to dirty Detroit production, and his impact is recognizable to all montenegrian dancefloor-junkies for over 20 years now.