Lea Lisa

Lea Lisa is a regular figure within the French electronic scene music for over 20 years, she began her career in 1996, taking influence from the sounds coming out of Chicago, Detroit and New York.

Over the past two decades, Lea made it in the electronic music scene while chosing to stay out of the limelight, at all times refusing to give in to trends. Recognized for her sharp and uncompromising DJ performances, Music magazines Trax and Rolling Stone have referred to her as a DJ whom is conquerring the French and European dancefloors.

Deep house music producers Kerri Chandler and Jovonn have also sang the praises of the french Lady, applauding her innate ability to captivate a dancefloor.

She has played at some of the best international clubs around the world, including in major venues in Berlin, Paris, London, Copenhagen, China, Russia and the US. She has also featured on the programme of festivals including the Nuits Sonores, Sunslice and Contre-Temps.

Wishing to promote electronic music from around the world, she has been organizing the monthly Bliss residency for several years, where she programmes the creme del creme of international House DJs, including Kerri Chandler, DJ Deep, Jovonn. Not afraid to take risks, she has also given a platform to fantastic emerging artists of the time like Manoo,
Alex From Tokyo, Nick V or Franck Roger.

As an inveterate vinyl collector, in 2015, she joined Fred Deepsounds’ project, created by the INNERDISC online vinyl shop. Faced with much demand, INNERDISC is set to open a physical shop in Toulouse. In one year, the site has become one of the favourite addresses of crates diggers around the world.

While being a DJ at heart, she is also a dedicated producer. After signing to the label of Rocco (Rodamaal) Memories Records in 2017, the artist released an EP in collaboration with Rich Medina on the label of Nick V, Mona Musique, already supported by Laurent Garnier, Kerri Chandler, Dj Steaw, or Jus-Ed.

In 2018, she made a strong comeback with her “Walking La Mona EP” in Feat Rich Médina, released on the record label Mona Musique. The track was playlisted by big names in the world of electronic music, including Dj Grégory, Anthony Nicholson, Tyree Cooper, Mike Huckaby, Jovonn, Rainer Trueby, Laurent Garnier and Kerri Chandler. Her next EP vinyl is expected for 2019 on a highly respected label which is yet to be announced. Keep an eye out for Lea Lisa. With 20 years experience in the bag, the lady knows…