Tom Noble

Owner of Superior Elevation Records and producer of deep disco and house, Tom Noble has released under multiple monikers, including House of Spirits. He’s a soulful DJ whose boundless digging and big heart inform energetic, playful dance floor experiences. His weapon of choice? Music “bright enough to light up the room by itself”.

In the reissue business for almost two decades, Noble is out hunting down rare vinyl quite literally every day. Armed with his quick wit and a broad, dimpled smile, he has travelled to all corners of the US, rediscovering records in palatial living rooms, hoarders’ attics and grannies’ closets, and accumulating a collection of anecdotes that is as expansive as the depth of his music knowledge.

His DJ sets are a reflection of the diversity of music that passes through his hands: Disco, Boogie and House, punctuated by South African, Brazilian and Jamaican gems you’ve probably never heard before. Tracks are always bright and uplifting, often with naughty basslines, sleazy synths and catchy vocals, from or inspired by the ‘70s and ‘80s. His dance floors are usually frenzied.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Noble quotes his brother Andy, a songwriter for the band Kings Go Forth, as his earliest musical influence. Having witnessed the songwriting trajectory first hand, Noble’s career was born out of a desire not just to play sweet, catchy soul tunes that weren’t on the radio, but to compose them.

He has released a steady stream of notable disco and boogie records. ‘Holding On’, the phenomenal House of Spirits track released on Beats in Space in 2014, is just a taster of his prowess as a producer. Edits and reissues of numerous forgotten disco gems, like Ice Band’s ‘Live People’ and Mystic Pleasure’s ‘Back Door’, and most recently a number of original House 12s like ‘Ocean Side/Airwayz’ with collaborative project Benedek & Noble, were all released on Superior Elevation. In the pipeline are a 12” on Rush Hour and a whole House of Spirits album that is likely to be dropped as early as Autumn of this year.

With a couple of Boiler Rooms, an Australian tour and almost 20 years of gigging across the States under his belt, Tom Noble is a seasoned pro. Now he’s heading for Europe, and he’s bringing that sweet, cheeky attitude with him.