Željko Kerleta

Željko Kerleta is a Serbian Architect from Belgrade who used to live in London from 1988-2006. His passion for music he developed from hobby to a second profession.

From collecting he moved into radio and club DJing and also producing. Since 1996 he’s been running his radio show (currently on Studio B, Belgrade).

He has DJed at many clubs in London, France, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Serbia. In 1999 he started his record label COSMIC SOUNDS mostly promoting Eastern European Jazz and some Downtempo/Nu Jazz. Apart of reissuing some forgotten rarities he has produced some new bands but also released his own album and made several remixes for other labels. His music has been used on many compilations, TV programs and commercials.

As a teenager in mid 70’s he had a blues band. Still has a lot of respect for the Rock & Blues legends from that era. Shortly he left his band and moved just into record collecting and exploring all kind of styles.

His main early influences after Blues and Rock years were Soul, Funk and Disco and later on Jazz, Fusion, Brazilian, Latin, Afro… When he moved to London in 1988 he discovered London’s strong Jazz Dance scene and still following these paths but his sets can be quite eclectic, from spiritual and modal Jazz through furious Jazz Dance Fusion to 70s and 80s Disco and anything in between.