New location, same great beach!

After six years Southern Soul Festival will take place on a new site at our favourite beach Velika Plaza. Our new spot – “Giovanni’s Beach Copacabana” is just a few steps away from our old location, walking distance from the hotels and the Artist Village. It boasts 3000sq meters of beach which will allow our festival to have a widespread, progressive outlook.

The new site is comprised of 3 stages, 2 on-site restaurants, wine bar, cocktail bar, 6 concept bars, coffee corner. State-of-the-art production, upgraded site design and top sound quality will punch the clock. SSF new edition will have several additional features like volleyball field, yoga classes, kite school, Oye Records Berlin store, Dechko Tzar store, Zenit bookstore.

Clearly, beautiful wild nature surroundings, picturesque sceneries of sunrise and sunset, bars and stages splashed by the sea waves, and the magnificent sandy beach are still there for you.

We are thankful to our friends from Dolcinium for being part of our journey and our great support from the very beginning.